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Introduction of wood-based biomass fuel

PKS (Palm Kernel Shell)

PKS is generated during the palm oil manufacturing process.

It is a biomass fuel made from coconut shells.

Palm kernel shells are a by-product that is produced in large quantities and their use contributes to the local economy.

PKS has high thermal efficiency and can be used as a cost-effective energy source.

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are made by crushing wood and compressing it into a mold, and are a form of wood-based biomass. They have a uniform shape that meets certain standards, and are characterized by their high combustion efficiency and ease of handling and transportation. Wood pellets are used for a variety of purposes, including home heating and industrial boilers.

This concludes our introduction to PKS and wood pellets, which are representative wood biomass fuels.

These biomass fuels are an environmentally friendly and renewable energy source.

It is attracting attention in various industries. By using PKS and wood pellets, it is possible to realize a sustainable energy supply while reducing the burden on the environment.

Types of Biomass

Biomass exists in various forms. Representative examples include woody biomass , agricultural biomass , and animal biomass .

This time, we will focus on wood-based biomass.

Benefits of using woody biomass

Wood biomass is attracting attention due to its renewable potential and environmental friendliness.

The main benefits are:

① Renewability

Wood biomass is a constantly renewable resource that will never run out because it uses materials derived from plants.

② Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Using wood biomass reduces carbon dioxide emissions compared to fossil fuels.

③ Effective use of waste

Wood biomass allows for the effective use of by-products such as wood chips and branches, and also contributes to reducing waste.

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