Dissolution Material​

For​ Cast Iron & Steel /For non-ferrous alloys  / Dissolution Assist Material/ Dissolution Tools / Dissolution Control Tools

Refractory Material​​

​Refractory / Graphite Carbon Pot

Casting Sand​​

​​Natural Siliceous Sand / Manufactured Sand

Molding Material​​

Coating Agent / Release Agent / Binding and Formulation Agent

Molding Assist Material​​

Dowel for sand mold / Ceramic Tube/ Chaplets / Casting Brush / Sealing Agent / Gas Releasing / Surface Hardening Agent/ Mold Reinforcement Agent

Finishing Material

 Cleaning/ Repair material /Welding・Gouging

Model Material

Vent hole / Plaster mold/ Resin mold

Safety and Sanitation goods

​Aluminum heat resistance(Gloves・Arm cover・Foot cover・Apron) / ・Powered Air Purifying Respirator / Hand washing detergent

Casting Facility​​



​​Cabon block / Graphite core / Graphite chiller / Trolley wheel 

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